polychicago.com is a blog written by a group of polyamorous folks living in Chicago.

Tim – Tim has lived in Chicago for the last ten years. He was in a triad in college, but without any good communication it unraveled rather quickly. After being in a closed marriage for quite some time, his relationship opened two years ago. He is now in a variety of different relationships, including one with Jamie.

Jamie – Jamie has lived in Chicago for the past thirteen years. After being in monogamous relationships for most of her life that didn’t seem to fit, she is now in several polyamorous relationships, including one with Tim. Being a “single” (i.e., not married) polyamorous person, she offers her perspective of that experience. Community is important to her, and she is active in the local Chicago polyamory community.

Caroline – Caroline moved to Chicago in 2007 with her wife Josie. They opened their marriage four years later. She finds it hard to put labels on relationships because she likes to just let them be, but she has a boyfriend of over two years and many other friends and loved ones who she places under the “poly relationships” umbrella. She is also a mother of seven- and one-year old boys, and offers the perspective of young parents entering the poly arena.

Josie – Josie grew up in Chicago, conforming to societal expectations at every turn. Fortunately her second turn in the city has been slightly more adventurous. She’s married to Caroline and as you can likely guess, she too has been married since 2004 and poly since 2011, and also parents two kids. You can read more about her poly philosophy in her first post.

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  1. I’m also a poly blogger from Chicago! (polynotes.tumblr.com)
    It’s cool to see other another Chicago poly blog! I’m excited to keep an eye on this and see what you all have to say!

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