3 comments on “My Poly Story: Poly Like it’s 1999

  1. Even with all the resources available, it’s harder than most anything. Just about as big of a challenge as raising children. Because no matter how much you read or think you might be able to handle, someone’s emotions or opinions or whatever throws a whole new wrench into the system. It’s crazy. Totally worth it but crazy.

    • Oh, it’s totally crazy! And I still run into circumstances where I am surprised by my reaction to things, or other people’s reactions. Having resources and support don’t prevent that from happening, but it definitely helps. Especially knowing that those feelings have been experienced and explored by others before.

  2. There are times where I am surprised by my own reactions as well and I’m glad I do have the resources to help me understand and deal with those emotions in a positive way instead of letting it get out of hand. And exploring poly has helped me better our communication within my marriage, whereas I thought we were nearly perfect. My husband and I are closer than ever and have learned things about each other that we never would have if not for poly.

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