3 comments on “Labels

  1. Labels for us, husband, partner, children etc, has been a 30+ year journey of defining, redefining, discovering…Sometimes useful, mostly an uncomfortable reaching for an accurate description of who we are to one another and an accurate depiction for people who are not polyamorous. One big problem we have found is how diminishing/marginalizing it can be using labels that are meant for making our way in the world. With 30+ years and 2 adult children, I can tell many stories around the awkwardness of trying to define ourselves in the world of mainstream definitions. I am a psychotherapist and I find a similar parallel in psychology where a label is in an effort to describe and understand symptoms and a path to be of help. However, while helpful sometimes, pathologizing other times. I have seen and heard other professionals pathologize poly. Labels…helpful/harmful…

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