One comment on “I Don’t Want To Be That Guy

  1. one time we brought the ffm triad to my work christmas party. we just showed up out of the blue like, “hey – we are together. deal with it” it wasn’t that bad.

    family is obviously different and depending on your level of commitment to them, might be something you wouldn’t want to be that brazen about. however, i don’t feel comfortable in any relationship where i’m not free to be myself and that includes family.

    i think one of two things could happen.

    1. you will be surprised and relieved by the overwhelming support and curiosity – it will bring you all closer together, etc.

    2. you will be surprised by the exact opposite. a complete disregard for understanding how difficult it is for you to bring it to them in the first place and also how how important it is for you to be yourself.

    either way, if you are asking the questions you probably already know the answer. the religious cult my parents were in got one thing right. Decision first – details second.

    good luck!

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