7 comments on “Coming Out to Old Friends

    • Yeah, I guess I am leaving some stuff out, aren’t I?

      Everyone reacted well. One person only asked about factual stuff and then changed the subject, but he is usually pretty quiet when it comes to private things, so I wasn’t so surprised at that. And the other was interested in my relationships and asked a bunch of questions without making it a big deal, which was really nice. But that might have also been because I had already fumbled though it once before, and I was better the second time around? Donno.

      • It sounds like a positive experience! Don’t be too hard on yourself about your delivery. They would’ve understood that to be because it is not something that you would be in a position to explain very often. At least you didn’t get called a slut like I did the last time I attempted to explain it!

    • Thanks for writing it! I think this is a great topic to keep thinking and talking about.

      You bring up a valid point about coming out being a process rather than an event. Even I fall into the trap of thinking that I’ll just need to come out the one time, and then everything else will follow suit somehow. I think it comes from the idea that starting the conversation means having the conversation in its entirety, instead of that conversation taking place for years and years.

      • Yes I fell into the same trap too, as the actual “coming out” part is so stressful and scary. You are then proud of yourself and think you are done. But it really ends up becoming an ongoing conversation for the curious or the confused. And it may test your patience as well some days. Lol There is a need to look on the bright side that there’s opportunities for growth and education, and also to be prepared to walk away sometimes. It is very possible a friendship can change or dissolve over it. But you survive it fine. 🙂

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