2 comments on “Monogamy: Boring for Women?

  1. That’s a great article, and really touched home with me. Having been with my husband for nearly 15 years, I perfectly understand the roaming eye, I’ve had it many many times before bringing up the possibility of swinging and now venturing on into trying Poly. It hasn’t been easy, he’s had his troubles with insecurity and jealousy but I commend him on working thru those issues every day. And taking a pill to make us monogamous? Seriously, why don’t they focus on something more important like AIDS and cancer? We don’t need another damn pill to “solve” our problems.

    • I know that for some people, men and women alike, low libido can totally be a problem that they are struggling with. So I can appreciate that some folks might need such a pill if they consider that to be a possible solution. And more power to them for taking steps that they have thought about and worked with.

      But I like that there are folks out there that are doing studies and research into how these mechanisms work, and presenting a variety of opinions on the matter. So long as there isn’t a prescriptive and biased platform for how we should create those answers, I’m happy to go along and read about it and support them.

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