2 comments on “I’m Behind On My Reading

  1. It might be worth your time, I’ve spent a lot of mine reading everything I can on Poly on the internet. Not only is it a huge interest of mine but I’m new to it and have had some major bumps in the road along the way and reading so much has helped me understand what those bumps were and how to start smoothing them out. It all just depends on what’s going on in your life and if you feel you need to find some resources to help you out if you’re having some difficulties. If not, it certainly never hurts to be more informed incase you come across those difficulties in the future and are able to solve those quicker with less heartache.

  2. I doubt that you’d get much out of the relationship-focused books; it sounds like you’ve got the identity and communication issues down. But I think you’d enjoy Sex at Dawn. It’s a whole other animal, one which had me completely enthralled from the beginning. Fascinating information, and very engaging writing. If it’s on your desk, turn to page 244 for the chart “Multiple Comparisons of Ape Anatomy” (and you know which anatomy they’re talking about…) and tell me you’re not going to drop everything to read this book!

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